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Affiliates Page

Hello Fellow Jessica Simpson Site Owners. I have decided to put up an affiliation page on this site, to bring an Internet alliance of sorts. You may or may not have seen such a thing happen with other topics on the Internet as I have seen.

So if you have a Jessica Simpson web site, or a link web site and you wish to have an affiliation with this site, all you have to do is E-mail me with your URL and I'll make a decision to allow you as an affiliate.

Affiliates will be advertised just below the logo and web resources on my main page- thrus they get better exposure on this site, and therefore much more traffic


I will choose only 12 sites to be affiliated at one time.

The Rules of the affiliation are pretty much this-

You must also place this site as a 'Sister' or 'Affiliate' site.

Such 'Sister' and 'Affiliate' site link can and should be seen on your front page.

You can Begin the affiliation by E-mailing.

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Christian campign to free tibet

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