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Chapter 10

"We have to go and see my mother, and my step father." Faith said.

"But we haven't even started dating." Loreminien said with a smile.

She laughs at the joke. "You should know why."

"I know, you feel moved to forgive them, I will take you to them both right now."

Faith grabs Loreminien's hand and they both take a step and they are at the outskirts of the town that she grew up in. Memories exploded in her head of all the crap she had gone through till she left her home with her watcher. Memories of abuse, memories of abandonment.

"Faith, you have to forgive them now before you can see them and forgive them in person. It must first come from the heart, and then in the world."

Faith turned to him, crying. "I know. I am just so angry at them. They hurt me so much. I hated them so much for putting me in the situation they put me in."

"And that makes you very upset."

"Yeah, God yes it made me upset. You try to live with an alcholic mother, and a father just as bad who beats you. I couldn't stand feeling defenseless, out of control, I would cry myself to sleep every night, and I am so afraid it might happen again. Can you promise me something. You will never hurt me."

"I can't promise any such thing, but I promise I will always make an effort never to hurt you, and if I do I will make wine from your tears."

Faith smiled.

"Thank you. I am so sorry that I never tried to give my life to the Lord before, and never tried to make friendships. I could be a much better person if I had."

"Don't worry about it. You have done that now, and now you can claim the years that the devil took from you back."

"I can."

"Yes you can. Just claim all the things that your heart says in the name of Jesus Christ, and the Lord shall grant it to you because the Lord said this -
.................Whatsoever ye ask the Father in my name, he shall give it you."

"I love that. God did a lot for us didn't he."

"Yes he did. Can you forgive them now."

"Yes, I forgive my parents." Faith said with a smile.

"Good, now lets go to their house."

"Honda Insight." Loreminien says.

Instantly the New Honda Insight, one of the first Electric/Gasoline Hybrid- which gets 80 miles per gallon, cars appears. In Loreminien's hands appears the keys.

"Okay lets get in."

Loreminien opens the door for Faith, and then gets into the car himself. He started the car and drove it to Faith's parents.

"This isn't the house that I grew up in."

"Of course not. After you left Faith, your parents came to the Lord, and they prayed to him, and the Lord told me that it was almost time to get into your life."

"Thank you, for having so much concern over me."

"It was my pleasure Faith."

Loreminien opens his door, as Faith opens her door. They walk up to the house and they knock the door.

There was a little commotion on the other side of the door. The door opened up quickly and there stood Faith's mother and step father. They were both smiling.

"Faith, you have come back to us- come on in, and your young gentlemen as well."

"Thank you mom."

"Thank you madam."

They both entered the home.

Faith's step father says, "Follow me and we will talk."

They followed Faith's mother and step father. They entered the living room. Faith and Loreminien sat on the sofa, and Faith's mother and step father sat at two chairs.

"So young man, what is your name?"

"It's a rather long and strange one sir, my name is Loreminien Cerium."

"What do you do?" Her mother asked.

"I have my own private business, which is mostly charity work for people, and solving problems that require some of my skills. It pays well." Loreminien says.

"What skills? How long have you known our daughter?" Faith's father asked.

"Nothing illegal sir. I help the church by giving sermons, helping with choirs, and other things as well."

"Oh. You're in the church."

"For more then half my life sir. I love doing work for the Lord. Ever since I repented and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ."

"It is good to hear that. Did you meet our daughter through it. We were praying that she find someone and to come to the church and to come back to us."

"I meet your daughter through work I was doing for the Lord."

"Yes mother. I have given my life to the Lord as well mother. I have felt his love. I want to forgive you both."

Faith's mother and step father started to cry.

"Thank you daughter. I can tell that you have come far since we last saw you. We would like to ask for forgiveness, but we don't have too. Thank you lord for bringing our daughter back."

"Thank you mother."

"So what have you been doing since we last meet."

Faith started to cry, "Mother I made a mess of my life. There are tonnes of things that I am so ashamed of doing. I killed someone Mom. I used and abused whoever I could. I will have to answer for those actions in human measures, but I know that the Lord has forgiven me."

Her mother and father looked at her, "My lord. We are glad Loreminien, that you found her when you did. Faith, we will do everything we can to help you through your trials that you will be going through."

Faith started to cry harder, "thank you mother."

"And you can count on me for any amount of support Faith. I want to make sure you are taken care of." Loreminien asked.

Faith looked at him and her tears started to dry.

"Thank you Lore, that means a lot to me right now."

Loreminien looked in her eyes, "You can count on me. . ." He paused, "You can count on everybody here." His father said.

"Thank you all."

"Now lets get to bed, I'm tired." Loreminien said.

"Yes, lets go to bed." Faith said.

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