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Chapter 3

She got up early that morning. She was full of nerves and knots. She was very anxious. She had never really been a Church going person. Her mother and Alcoholic, and her Father an abuser. She was never encouraged to do anything ever. This was the first day really she went to Church without being pressured. Not even Ethan pressured her. Over the last couple of weeks spending time with him, learning about God, and his salvation for the people of the earth, they hadn't talked much about her going to church, when it did come up Ethan kept on saying, "Don't worry, when you feel up to it then you can come."

Ethan walked into the living room. He was keeping his place a little more cleaner since she stayed. She said he didn't have to do that, but he did anyways. Saying- "Yes I do, if I don't, I'm devaluing myself." Then he'd laugh.

He was wearing his Church Suit. Blue blazer, with beige pants. His white silk shirt was clean, and he was standing as tall and proud as someone could ever be.

"I'm going to call for our ride, and you need some clothes. You don't mind wearing a skirt and silk blouse do you?" he asked.

"No I don't, I want to fit in as much as I can. I feel so nervous. Funny, I can look in the eyes of some dangerous daemons, and vampires, and I have only one thought, It's going to pay, but this, I'm so afraid of this."

"Don't worry, nobody will ever judge you. Jesus died for you too, remember."

"I hope so."

Ethan goes to the Phone and dials up his friend.

"Hey Dale, got ask for a ride, and I need your wife to come with some clothes, I have a. . ." He Coughs a little "Girl over here. She needs some clothes for Church."

"Brother, you haven't been doing anything you shouldn't have you?"

"No, I didn't, and that's the truth brother. I know it looks like I'm being a little worldly having a girl at my place."

"Okay, I trust you. You have never lied to me before. Even if you have, it's between you and God."

"Yeah, thanks man."

"I'll be there in five minutes."

Ethan hangs up the phone.

"So what did you talk about, something about me?"

"Me having a Girl over at my place might seem a little wrong in their eyes. But he's my friend, and he knows that I would stick up for him if he did anything that people disapproved him over, Deidre will have some clothes for you, you take a shower and then they will be here when you're done."

Ethan sat down, and started to pray over this day.

"Lord, if having Faith over here with me is a Sin, please forgive me for it in the name of Jesus Christ, and wash me and my heart and my mind with your blood so that I do not sin against thee. And please free the people of Tibet from the bondage of the Devil and China, and move the hearts of All Tibetan to give their lives to you Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ. And lord fill me with the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." Ethan said, and then instantly he started to speak in tongues, being moved by the spirit.

Soon a ring comes from the buzzer. Ethan walks up to the Speaker and presses the Talk button. "Yes, is that you Dale, and Deidre."

"Yeah it's us, let us in."


Ethan presses the enter button, and sits down. He can still hear that Faith is in the Bathroom. Soon a knock comes from the door. Ethan opens up the door, and there stands Dale and Deidre.

"Come on in, brother and sister."

"Okay Brother."

They sat down on the couch.

"You've cleaned up since we last were here."

"Yeah, I want to be the best I can be right now, to be a good witness."

"This girl is important to you, did you know her before?"

"Actually no. I just saw her at the train station while I was leaving your place on your day off. I felt she was in a lot of pain. So I started to talk to her about the Lord, and then we started a bible study, and today she's coming to the Church. This is so awesome."

"Yeah, but her living here."

"Don't worry brother, I was tempted a few times, but I overcame them."

The Bathroom door opens and Faith enters the living room, She has on a towel, and water still runs down her legs. There was a softness to her that can only be seen just after a shower. Ethan just stared at her. In all the time they had been in the same place he'd never seen her like that, just coming out of the shower, so soft, so beautiful. She smiled at him, and immediately Ethan blushed.

"Brother." Deidre said in her thick Irish accent.

"Opps, sorry- you'd better get dressed."

Deidre and Faith go into Ethan's bedroom.

"Brother, you two better find different apartments soon. I saw you look at her."

"Yeah, I can't believe I did that. Man she is so beautiful, Brother can you pray for me, about this."

"Okay Brother."

Dale moved up to Ethan, and placed his hands on him. "Lord please give my brother the strength to do the right thing about the current situation he is currently in, in the name of Jesus Christ."

Dale moved away from him, and sat down.

"So tell me about her? I can tell she likes you brother."

"You think so?" Ethan asked with a hopeful tone in his voice. "That would be so great. I don't know if I should talk much about her."


"She's lives a complicated life. I don't want to really talk about it- the stuff that I know about that is. I don't know how much she hasn't told me about."

"Okay brother."

Out comes Deidre and Faith. Faith is in a nice blue half length skirt, and a white blouse.

"You look beautiful Faith." Ethan said.

Faith blushed and said, "Thank you."

They walked out of the apartment and proceeded to go to the Car. They started the car and went over to the First Pentecostal Church of Southton.

They enter the Church and went towards the Sanctuary.

"Before we enter, I have to say, our services aren't quite like what you probably imagine our services to be. Just go with it- and accept anything you feel you should do."

"Okay." She said, with a raised eyebrow.

They entered the Sanctuary. There was about two to three hundred chairs. Ethan went to the book case and took out a couple of song books and a bible. He turned to a couple of chairs near the back. He placed his bible and the other bible together, and place beside them the song books. Faith sat down on one of the chairs, and placed the bible and song book on her lap.

"Faith, do you mind if I go to the altar and pray."

"Sure Ethan." she said with a smile.

He went towards the Altar and prayed.

"Lord I wish you to take an undertaking today, move Faith to repentance and to give her life to you through Baptism, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." Ethan softly prayed.

He walked over to Faith and sat down.

The Pastor walks in, and see's Faith and Ethan together. He kind of looks strangely at her, and then shakes his head saying something and then changed the look on his face to be more warmly. Ethan looks over to Faith, seeing her somewhat shocked look. She was wondering why he did that.

"What's wrong with him?" Faith said.

"Don't know, we'll ask after the service okay."


Soon the service began with the usual Bible reading at the beginning, prayer for God's anointing of the meeting, leading into the Song singing, and then the Pastoral message, and then the Final altar call.

Faith being moved went towards the Altar, and knelt down, and started to pray for forgiveness. She felt a hand touch her back, and she felt a warmth fill her, and a strange tingling feeling come over her entire body. The person was praying that she be moved to repent.

"Lord please forgive me for what I have done with my life." Faith said, with tears running down her face.

She cried kneeling for God knows how long, and then got up. There was Ethan, and the Pastor waiting for her, and a few other people around her with smiling caring faces, and many people were talking to each other now.

"Hello Faith." the Pastor says.

"How do you know my name, did Ethan tell you?"

"I didn't. He asked me how you were doing since your coma."

"Excuse me sir, how do you know about me?'

"Lets go somewhere else and talk okay."

They walked out of the Sanctuary, and went into the office of the Pastor.

"Brother Regan, how did you know about Faith?"

"I'm use to be a Watcher, until I gave my life to the Lord, and then I opposed many of their practices, like Witch Craft."

"I can understand why you left Brother, but what's a watcher- Faith said she had a watcher train her."

"A watcher is a person who fights the evil forces of the world to the best of their abilities." Brother Regan said.

"I hear about things occasionally, and something like a rogue Slayer is something that would be talked about a great deal when it happens. Don't worry Faith, I won't tell the Watchers you are here. I know from the amount of time you were crying that the Lord did a major undertaking on you, we need to baptize you as soon as possible, so you can be saved. Ethan you seem to be fairly accepting of all of this, why?"

"The night of the day we meet I fought Vampires. I'm still getting use to all of this though."

"I know, most people don't even realize that is going on, Daemons and Vampires really do roam the earth in hopes of killing them, and bringing them to hell with them."

"I'm glad that I'm right with the Lord then." Ethan says.

"As you should be. Now Faith, we'll be baptizing you as soon as you want."

"Can I be baptized right now?"

"Yes you can."

They walked out of the office and into the Sanctuary.

"Brother Donald, Brother Raymond- can you help with the tank, we're going to baptize our new convert right now."

"Okay sir."

They took the cover off the baptizing tank.

"Take Faith over to the change room so she can get into the Baptism outfits."

"Okay sir."

They walked over to the Change room.

"There are a couple of adult sized baptism outfits, just get changed into it, and come out we should be ready then, and when you're baptized, just as he says, I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ, plug your nose, he'll gently dunk you into the water, and that is it. And while you're under believe that you'll get the gift of the Holy Ghost, and that you're a new person, able to overcome everything that you use to do."

"Okay. This is so strange to me."

"Don't worry. Just trust in the promise."


Faith changes her clothes into the baptism outfit, just a thick blue robe over her body. All the while she feels strange. She kept on thinking, Just trust in the promise, trust in the promise. And then something came to her, she felt a warmth and a tingling in her body, like she felt just after she been touched on the Altar. She knew somehow that everything would be done in that act.

She moved over the baptism tank, and was taken in waters by the Pastor.

"I Baptize you in the Name of Jesus Christ." Brother Regan said.

Faith plugged her nose, and the Pastor dunked her in the water, and the tingling went all over her body. She rose out of the tank, and started to say things she didn't understand at all. Everybody looked at her, most didn't see someone instantly be filled with the Holy Ghost and talk in tongues right away.

She left the tank and went to the change room and changed into her new outfit from Deidre. She knew she was forgiven, and that nothing would ever be the same in her world ever again.

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