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Chapter 5

Faith quickly looks around where she is. She tries to get up, but she is kept down by Handcuffs. She tries to break them and they don't. She shakes her head.

Don't make a move.


Quiet, I'm with you right now, but we have to be quiet about this, I want these idiots not to know what is going on. Just think what you want to say.

Okay- where am I?

I gave you to the watchers, you're in a base in London England.

What? Why did you do that?

I thought you needed a lesson for what you did.

He walked out into the open, and touched her forehead- "Remember"

She saw herself on the train that she was leaving Sunnydale, the door to the compartment opened and then a number of men came in on her, they were all armed with rifles, and they all shot. Darts, 5 or 6, hit her, and she felt weaker and weaker. She went black, hearing-

"Thank you X, as always you do the job right, when the others we sent didn't."

"It's not a problem." . . . .

You caught me to rott! Why did you do that?

You needed a lesson, but I'm here to free you now. My lord wishes something for you, that you're not ready to hear and have yet. So lets get out of here.

He moved his hand over the hand cuffs, bright light hit them, and they disappeared in a second.


The application of energy!


I can't really tell you, you'd never understand.

Won't the Watchers see us.

Right now their communication center has the video and the communication seeing what I want them to see.

How can you do that?

You'd never understand.

He moved up to the door, and moved his hand outwards, a flash of light hit the door, and it disappeared. Guards turned around, aimed their machine guns at X.

"Sleep." he said as he moved his hand in a half circle. The men fell asleep almost instantly.

How can you do all of this, you're not human.

Actually I am, but I use more of my 1.5% DNA difference then you do.


Don't you know, Humans are 98.5% Geneticly the same as primates, and 1.5% geneticly different. That 1.5% difference of DNA is what makes Man in God's image- I use more, and therefore I have greater power over the physical world then Humans.

How powerful are you?

Lets just say, if Buffy and her friends didn't defeat mayor Wilkins, I would have appeared to destroy that thing.

You can do that?

Pretty well- I could power the earth- the entire earth for around 50 000 years I think.

Why don't you do more to help then?

When I was younger, I did- thinking I was here to save people, save them in every way- but I found something- humans can be greedy- the more you do for them, the more they want, and when they wanted too much, I did something inconceivable! So now I don't.

Okay I understand.

Yeah, after I got over the dark time in my life that I didn't like myself or humans, I tried to atone for my deeds- but I couldn't no matter what I did, I didn't feel like I could make amends for what I did. I needed forgiveness, and then when the movement was early, I heard of the Lord's Forgiveness, I repented and I got baptized in his name. Just to define my age, I was here to see the crucifixion.

You're over 2000 years old? How?

I'm immortal. That's something I wanted to ask him while he was alive, but I never meet him here on the earth? But I was one of the 3000 who was at the day of Pentecost. It was awesome, when I felt the Lord in me that day- that was when I asked him why I was and what I was to do, and who I was? He told me, that after his teachings were to be corrupted, that I was to keep the knowledge of what was the truth, and give it on the day he told me too. That was after 1800 years of false doctrines of man about him. The Lord always knows what he is doing.

This religious stuff is too much.

I'm not pushing it on you, I'm just telling you who I am- and I'm not the greatest of the Lords followers either- I believe I rely of my abilities a little too much, and I don't trust the Lord for it to happen. Okay lets get out of here.

They continued down the hall, with each locked door being destroyed by X, and guards being put asleep. They got out without one fight.

Why didn't you just allow us to 'appear' somewhere else?

Too easy, and it would suggest me, because the watchers hire me when they know something is too powerful for you or Buffy.

You know about us?

I know everything that is happening on this world right now.

You couldn't possibly.

First comes sensitivity, then comes power. The watcher's will be dazed and confused, they won't know anything of what happened- until they use their sorceries. I hate people who use witch craft- using the spirit realm is risky at best, and it leads only one way- to one's destruction! I wouldn't try it, and I'm in many ways hundreds of thousands times even the most powerful witches power.

So how can you do what you do- without magic?

Can a tranquilizer dart put someone to sleep?


What's to stop one of my power to put some tranquilizer solution in their blood system?

Nothing I guess. What about the door?

Could a high power laser destroy a door?

I see what you're saying- you can do all of that.

Yes- it's a terrible responsibility, and a great freedom too.

I don't understand- if you can do all of that- why didn't you take over the world a long time ago.

You don't understand- I tried, and did for a while- and then the Lord did something that I didn't expect- it's what I had to atone for. So where do you want to go?

I want to stay with you- for now.

Not right now, you're not ready for me to be a full part of your life, like you say, that Religious thing is way to much for you.

Whatever, man this guy is annoying.

I heard that, looks like we should get away from each other for now, where do you wish to go?

Man, why can't I stay with you, you could be my watcher?

NO, chose where you want to go now.

Well if I must choose I choose Southton, I want to see if there is a real Ethan there?

Okay- there is- hopefully he can bring you under some sort of Discipline. I'll be checking up on you quiet often, I know Ethan, and he knows who and what I am- so expect at check up at least once a week.

Okay, take me there.

The Scene faded away and they appeared in an Apartment.

"This is your place in Southton, I pay the rent, and you have a credit at every store, Ethan lives three doors down, just say you know Loreminien, and he'll take care of you."

"Okay, thank you for your help."

"My pleasure, now to give you your strength back."

Lorminien touches her, and instantly Faith felt her strength come back to her.

"Thank you again."

"You're welcome, now to make a normal life."

Loreminien takes a step, and disappears.

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