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Chapter 9

Faith kneeled down, and prayed to God.

"Jesus, my lord and my god, I wish to know when I should be baptized in your name?" She asked.

She then felt like she should do as soon as she saw Loreminien again, but not to call to him, he would be there shortly.

"I will. When I see Loreminien next, I shall be baptized."

She got up, her Leg was fine again. She liked that, being the Slayer had it's advantages.

I wonder how and why the Slayers appeared in the world, Faith thought.

You really want to know? I can tell you if you wish to know why you are the way you are.

"How could you possibly know?"

Because I made the first slayer.

"You made the first slayer, why?"

On the day of Pentecost when I first received the Lord told me what my purpose in the world was. You see he told me I should keep his teachings, giving them to those who did thirst for the Lord, and then I was to reveal more of his word over time. But the Lord knew that not all would come to baptism in his name. So he told me that I was to make warriors, because even after the white throne judgement, there will be people living on the Earth- plus the tribulation- there will be much more daemons then you have witnessed ever, and they will come to destroy humanity. Humanity therefore needs warriors to fight for them, warriors with the strength to fight those forces, since the saints of God will be gone from the world. So I made the slayers. I choose women because I knew they would be more caring, the mothering instinct.

"Haha. You probably didn't think someone like me would ever be one."

You'd be surprised- wait a moment- I have to end our communication- something is definitely up.

* * * * *
5 men entered the complex, they were well trained in their abilities, being able to divine things that most humans would never be able to do. The spirits were surrounding them, and they gave their wills to them.

They went through the area, being sensitive to what had happened.

One who's name begins with a L did this.

"Do you know one that is named L who could do this?" One of the men said to the person who had hired them.

"Yes, but why would he do that. He helped us get her."

It is the one they are thinking of.

"It is the same person, spirit tell me who they are talking of."

No, he is power beyond your feeble imagination.

"Never have you denied me any answer before, is he that strong that you are afraid of him."

Yes, for he was the closest to Adam of any of you, and he knows of us, and one that we must obey.


The first of your kind.

"Don't you obey me?"

Ha ha ha ha ha, no feeble human, it is I who use you. And for knowing that- you are mine.

The spirit moved into the man, and forced his mind away from the body, so that it would be forever in control of him.

* * * * *
They know I got you out. It won't be long before they know where you are.

"What should we do?"

I think we have to figure out things, I'll be there in an instant.

Instantly Loreminien was in front of her.

"Why do these things always have to happen?" Loreminien asks.

"I don't know, but I know one thing- Lets get me. . . ." Faith pauses.

"I know, Baptized in Jesus name."

"Well you're straight forward."

"I've not time for pauses Faith, time is of the essence right now. Take a hold of my hand, and we'll be off, but it's not going to be easy for sure. Two forces are after me and you right now- and something is going to happen, something I am sure that we can fight off."

"Okay, then lets do it then."

Faith takes his hand, and they both take a step, the scene fades and then they are near the ocean, they notice it is dark out.

"An Eclipse, great- that means Vampires." Loreminien says.

Almost as soon as those words leave his mouth, a great number of vampires start to appear, separating them from the ocean. Then 5 vortexes open up behind them and each of them there comes out the spiked daemon that Faith fought before.

"Okay, lets get to it."

"Wooden Stake for Faith." Loreminien says.

Instantly a wooden stake appears in Faith's hand.


The Vampires run in after Loreminien.

"Fire Circle." Loreminien says.

Instantly a circle of fire forms around Loreminien and Faith. The two closest Vampires started to burn, and then turned into dust instantly.

Faith started to move, and a smaller Fire circle started to follow her. She started to kick at the Vampire.

"Flame touch." Loreminien said, pointing at Faith.

A small aura of fire appeared around Faith.

She quickly kicked at the vampire, and it blocked her, but it started to burn from the fire aura, and it turned into dust.

The five Daemons saw that Faith and Loreminien were going to win, for no matter what the vampires could do to Faith, they would be slain instantly from the fiery aura around her. But they were immune to the fire.

"Don't you dare." Loreminien said with a stern look.

"Then stop us foolish human." the daemons said to him.

"Return back where you came from in the name of Jesus Christ."

The daemons roared in pain when he said it. They started to get sucked into their vortexes.

"Okay, lets get to it."

"My Swords." Loreminien said.

Instantly two blades made out of a shiny, non metal material appeared in Loreminien's hands. He started to fight the vampires. Each one was quickly slain by Loreminien, being beheaded in one or two strikes, due to Loreminien's knowledge of what they were going to do in the next few seconds.

Faith was equally deadly against the vampires, and soon all thirty vampires were no more, sent back to Hell where they belonged.

"Why would they do that?" Faith asked.

"For two reasons- The devil doesn't like anybody to come to the Lord, and secondly he knows what you will do, and will attack you in every way possible."

"What am I going to do?" Faith asked curiously.

"Lets get you baptized first, and then I'll tell you."

"Okay, I will."

"But when I pull you into the water plug your noise when I say, I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ."


Loreminien lead her into the water.

"1. . . 2. . . 3. . . I baptize you in the name of Jesus Christ."

Loreminien dunked Faith into the water.

While in the water- she felt different, that she was freed, and an intense joy entered her being, a confidence she never felt before. She knew that Jesus was her Lord and her Savior.

Loreminien lead her out of the water.

"Be Dry." He said. They both instantly dried.

"So what do you have to say about what I am going to do?"

"I tell everybody half the truth of what happened on the Day of Pentecost, because I always felt the other half was irrelevant, since I already had it done. You see on that day, when I was one of the 3 000 people in the day of Pentecost, the Lord told me to keep his teachings and to teach others through out the ages to keep the teachings alive, so that the full revelation of the Lord's teachings would be eventually known. He told me this because he knew that humanity would be tricked and eventually will be lead away from the Lord. The other thing I was to do- since there will be people who will live through the catastrophe of the Tribulation, and through the Judgement day- I was to make sure that the daemons that will come to the earth to destroy it's inhabitants would be stopped, by warriors."

"Who are those warriors who will stop the forces of evil?"

"Not you, but Buffy and Angel are two right now, and I'm recruiting more. But I have to discuss the history of the Slayers. You see when the teachings of the gifts of the spirit started to disappear, the spirits of evil started to manifest themselves in our world, because they felt confident that they could easily destroy a humanity who let go of their only weapon against them. Since I couldn't be everywhere at once, to stop these beings, I created the First Slayer. A girl not unlike you Faith. When I did make the first Slayer the Lord told me this- on this day you will make the Slayer, your first wife."

Faith stared at him for a long time.

"Yes I made the first Slayer, and we married."

"You married the First Slayer, and what has this got to do anything about me?"

"The other part of the prophesy."

"What prophesy?"

"I know you're not ready for that, I'm not sure I'm ready for it, so lets talk about something else."

"Okay, did you meet any of the other slayers?"

"No, I made a note never to be seen by any one of them, until you Faith."

"Why me?"

"When we're both ready, I shall tell you?"

"Okay, what do I do next?"

"You have to make amends with those who you betrayed and those you hurt, and forgive those who hurt you. This is going to be very hard for you Faith."

"I know, but with God and with you I can do it."

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