Hey everybody, I'm flattered, I figured that you probably wanted to read more about Faith then about little old me! LOL.

FYI here's some of my Stats.

Name: Mark Schuenemann
Age: 26
Sex: Hopefully with Faith(Eliza Dushku)- joking- Male!
Spirituality(don't you hate the word Religion as much as I do): I'm a Follower of Jesus Christ!
Denomination: United Pentecostal- the Kewlest way to get the Holy Ghost!
Dreams, Hopes, Goals: I hope to one day have a band big enough to organize the biggest Christian Music Fair this world has ever seen!

1.) May Jesus Christ Rock N' Roll your soul!
2.) God will do anything to get you back to his LOVE!
3.) Salvation wasn't cheap, but it's the best thing that ever happened for any of us!
5.) You wouldn't believe how similar the Bible's account for the formation of life is to Science's account for the formation of life!

Things that interest me on the internet:
All the Spice Girls Links in the World The Spice Girls aren't that bad.
Planet Beckham- The Kewlest WEB SITE for only the greatest athlete to ever play- DAVID BECKHAM!
The Official Manchester United Web Site- If you love Soccer as much as I DO- You have to go here and check out only the BEST sports team in the UNIVERSE!
Simply Garth- One of the best Garth Brooks Sites on the Internet.

Other sites that I own and operate:

Lift Me Up- A Christian look at Geri Halliwell and Girl Power- If you want to find out what Jesus has in store for Girls, Boys, and for All Humans, go here!
100% Unofficial Jesus- A web site about my journey living everyday as a Christian!
All the Jessica Simpson Links in the World - I know I said I hate Teeny Bopper music, but her music is actually good, and she isn't about that eroticism of most Teenage celebrities- like miss Breast Impants(we all know who she is!)

Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet
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