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My Repentance

Lord I am a Sinner. I acknowledge that I have sinned. I have lived my life where you were to serve me in my purpose, but I did nothing to serve you in your purpose. I am sorry. I will not do that again.

I also acknowledge that I am addicted to Pornography. Please forgive me for being addicted to it. It is wrong to look at Pornographic pictures, and it is wrong to watch Pornographic videos. Please forgive me.

I also acknowledge that I work on things that do not give you glory, and that I have put them before you. I will not work on my Business web page, I will not work on my site for Sir Kewl, I will not work on my site for my favorite band. I will only work on a site that is devoted to you. Please forgive me.

I acknowldge that I have a need to be 'Perfect' and to be 'Better' then everybody else, and Lord I give it to you, because all of my sins before that was influenced by this unconcious desire.

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