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Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet
I've seen this done very effictively with another subject.

People join up to this list by entering their E-mail address.

Then every so often, an e-mail goes through, telling about this site's improvements.

that e-mail will also have a e-mail address for those who wish to post a prayer request or give a testimony post, or give an opinion of something that is going on in the Christian world. Anybody wishing to do so just has to e-mail to that address, and in the very next newsletter update their prayer or testimony post will be in there.

What are the rules.

1.) Remember we are all brothers and sisters of Christ, don't berate other members for having a different opinion then yours directly in this list, e-mail them directly to discuss your opinion, anyways any such post will not be posted in the newsletter.

2.) I don't want this list to become a heated discussion over one thing or another. Try not to get all caught up on one thing.

3.) Web Site advertising will be narrowed down to Christian related topics, and advertising will be only once a month, or every post if it is a signiture on the bottom of your post.

4.) If you don't believe in Jesus Christ, God, or if you worship the Devil(I. E. you are a satanist or goth follower) don't bother joining to share your unhelpful views with those who are true christian believers.

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