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Learn what Jesus has in store for your daughters, and young ladies learn what Jesus has in store for you
Why Geri's Message of Girl Power is one of the most important things that has happened against the bondage of human race
I think you are right, so what do I have to do now, to become a member of God's Family?
Alright, how do use Girl Power/The Holy Spirit to I claim the life God wants for me!
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"God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

John 3:16

Jesus came so that everybody may have enternal life, and not just enternal life that is fickle from beginning to end, but to give them an abundant life from begining to end.

Followers of Jesus who give their life to him, can ask God for the Holy Spirit, and god will anoint them with the holy spirit till it overflows them.

And what are the gifts of the spirit?

Patience, Love, Long Suffering, Honour are just a few, qualities that people look for in this world, because there are so few people who are like that today.

More important jesus came to uplift and prosper all the people in the world, so any girl who follows him will have a life that was meant for them, for no person can ever know what they are truly meant to do(the reason is that it's built right into our DNA, which no human can intrepet and say- that person should be this)!

And belonging to Jesus gives you authority over situations as well. Just saying- "obstacle infront of me, leave me in the name if Jesus Christ" can do wonders to make that thing leave your life.

So belonging to the family of Jesus, to be children of god, following them with boldeness in our hearts, with truth on our lips, then we become brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, for he was the first, and many would follow him after. And if we become siblings of Jesus then we become heirs to god's promises, and joint heir's with Christ.

And what does God say those in the body of Christ inherit in the end? We shall inherit all things! That means the entire universe and everything that is in it becomes ours!

Now that is something anybody would want, and can have if they trust in Jesus, and believe in his deliverance for us!


Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet