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Learn what Jesus has in store for your daughters, and young ladies learn what Jesus has in store for you
Why Geri's Message of Girl Power is one of the most important things that has happened against the bondage of human race
I think you are right, so what do I have to do now, to become a member of God's Family?
Alright, how do use Girl Power/The Holy Spirit to I claim the life God wants for me!
Where's all the pictures, and multimedia of Geri?
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If you have made it here, and are very interested in knowing what to do next, I wish to bless you in the name of Jesus Christ. Blessed are those who seek righteousness, for they enter the kingdom of heaven.

This entire site is made so that people will come to Jesus Christ, who are fans of Geri Halliwell, A person I feel is blessed.

To answer your Question what you do now is this?

First you must repent of all of the sins you have commited against the word of God. That isn't just confessessing your sin, but saying- GOD these are the things that I have done in my life that were wrong, take them away from me, and I will never ever do that again.

That's where the asking for power is very important. Sin is one of the things that prevents people from living the life they are meant for. When you feel like you are going to Sin, weither it being "Intimate" with a member of the opposisite sex that you haven't married, or smoke joints, or drink alchol, ect, ect, ect- ask God for the power to not to, and say NO!

The second thing you have to do is always keep in touch with god through prayer. Tell him all about your life, all your ups, all your downs, everything, and God will help you through all of the downs, while boosting the UPS, especially pray to god asking him what you should be doing with your life!

The third thing is to read your bible everyday- even if it's only 10 minutes every day.

And lastly go to a church that practices Acts 2:38.


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