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Learn what Jesus has in store for your daughters, and young ladies learn what Jesus has in store for you
Why Geri's Message of Girl Power is one of the most important things that has happened against the bondage of human race
I think you are right, so what do I have to do now, to become a member of God's Family?
Alright, how do use Girl Power/The Holy Spirit to I claim the life God wants for me!
Where's all the pictures, and multimedia of Geri?
If you're intersted in knowing a little about me!
Christian, Geri Halliwell, and Spice Girls Internet related stuff!
Tell me what you think about what I have to say, and read what others think as well!

Some of you might remember me, but probably not!

Name: Mark Schuenemann.
Sex: Male.
Interests: Music(I've recently claimed an Outrageous Christian band, who takes it's attitude from KISS- called the Jesus Freaks!!!!!!), Karatee, Staying in shape.
Religion: Christianity.
Musical Preferences- The Cult, Kiss, Twisted Sister, And Garth Brooks mostly. Spice Girls, and Geri Halliwell and a few others somewhat.
Role Models- One mainly- Jesus Christ!

I Would Like to Thank- God for loving the world so much that he gave us all Jesus Christ, and for taking the time to make me who I am today!

Jesus Christ who freely accepted his death on the Cross to free us from SIN, and bondage!

All the bands in musical preferences, because you made me realize that I had to break free from the life I was living, and then I found it it was only through Jesus Christ that I could do that!

I would also like to thank my 4 wizards- my mentors in high school- as well as Dennis Waitely, John Gray, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow for their effect to my path to self discovery, and my acceptance of Jesus Christ!


Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet