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Hello Jessica Simpson fans- I've started a banner exchange for Jessica Simpson sites, the All the Jessica Simpon Links in the World Banner Exchange.
Unlike free banner exchange help, this exchange works on the advertising credits system. Once you join, and add the code to as many pages as you want, for every 3 banners of other sites you show, your banner is shown on two other sites!
Second you can place the code on every page of your site, by simply changing the code of the exchange from page=01, to page=02, to page=03, ect, ect, ect. That way you can earn more credits.
Thridly if your banner doesn't conform to the rules of the exchange, you may E-mail me. Only 20 orders at a time, and only for the exchange.
The Rules-
1. Your site must be a Jessica Simpson site.
2. Your banner must be 468*60 in size.
3. Your banner can't be more then 20 K, or it will be rejected.

Click Here to join

Jessica Simpson Fans United- Banner Exchange - Jessica Simpson Banner Exchange

Or if you know how to configure CGI scripts- you can you can go to
Official Webadverts script page

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Christian campign to free tibet

All the Jessica Simpson Links in the World Banner Exchange
Join the All the Jessica Simpson Links in the World Banner Exchange