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"My Spirituality is the very essence of who I am!" Quote from Profile- Pg, 16, Nov. 26 1999
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This is a picture of the Guy who runs this site, ME!

First I would like to point out I'M not JESSICA- so please no sloppy love letters saying how sexy I am- unless of course you think I MARK am sexy- then you girls e-mail me all you want saying how sexy I am- I like that!

And don't say how good I sing, or how Cool my music is either- unless you've heard my band the Jesus Freaks, which I am only now planning- and we won't be playing for a while after that!

And don't say how good of a role model I am, thinking I am Jessica! I consider the only Good Role model is Jesus Christ, because he lived a perfect life, and I pray that he will help me live my life perfectly in faith every single day!

I'm just a FAN like you!

I don't know Jessica personally- so please don't e-mail me with your requests to ask for stuff from her!

You however can e-mail me if you just want to Shout the Breeze- talk about Jessica, talk about Jesus, talk about Music- especially Jessica or KISS! Kiss Rules!

You can also e-mail me with links to Fan Sites, Web Rings, Banner Exchanges, Top Sites, Search Engines, Multi Media Site- well any WEB SITE that has anything to do with Jessica!

E-mail with the link once- and only once! It should be up on the page within a week!
Mark Schuenemann

If you wish to contact Jessica there are two addresses you can do so with!

Jessica Simpson
c/o Top 40 Entertainment
156 West 65th Street, 5th Floor
NYC, NY 10019

5116 North Jupiter Road
Garland, Texas 75044

Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet

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