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"My Spirituality is the very essence of who I am!" Quote from Profile- Pg, 16, Nov. 26 1999
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Mark Schuenemann.

Role Models:

One mainly- Jesus Christ!




Jesus Christ, Music(I'm in the stages of planning my own Band- A Rock N' Roll Band who acts like Kiss- who rocks the Gospel of Jesus Christ- named the Jesus Freaks!), Karatee, Staying in shape, and now Jessica Simpson.



Musical Preferences:

The Cult, Kiss, Twisted Sister, Garth Brooks, And Jessica Simpson(wow she has an amazing VOICE) mostly. Spice Girls, and Geri Halliwell and a few others somewhat!

Favorite Sports Stars/Favorite Sports/Favorite Sports Team:

These are all grouped up into this Answer- I LOVE SOCCER, I WATCH Manchester United- the most awesome blessed Soccer Team in the entire universe, and David Beckham is my favorite player of any sport(even over Dave Winfield)!

Some of my favorite Quotes-
No. 1- You'd never believe how much science's account for the formation of life has in common with the biblical account of the formation of life!
No. 2- God LOVES YOU- Jesus gave his life so that you may live forever, shouldn't live for HIM!
No. 3- God wants you to live the life you would be most happy with, but he wants you to live that life his way!
No. 4- DON'T GIVE UP, because God will get you through everything to get you back to his love!

I Would Like to Thank- God for loving the world so much that he gave us all Jesus Christ, and for taking the time to make me who I am today, and for comming down to the Earth as Jesus to die on the Cross so we all may be saved!

All the bands in musical preferences, because you made me realize that I had to break free from the life I was living, and then I found it it was only through Jesus Christ that I could do that!

I would also like to thank my 4 wizards- my mentors in high school- as well as Dennis Waitely, John Gray, Carl Jung, and Abraham Maslow for their effect to my path to self discovery, and my acceptance of Jesus Christ!


If you are wondering why I started this site, I've been very dissillusioned with music for quite a while!

To quote Melanie C from the Spice Girls-
"I feel now music is... enough already with the pop."

Because most of the 'Pop' music was just really stupid- mostly about Boy Friends/Girl Friends! When I recently read a small interview with Jessica Simpson- how her Spirituality is a big part of her music- I thought- an actual pop artist who isn't about the same old thing! I felt that God was moving me to do something about this respect for her!

So I decided to make a web site about her- and I have been interested in making a Link Web site too! It was like God was saying- you want to do a Link Site- so do one for this person, because she follows me as well!

I've got some more web sites more on my interests that you may want to check out as well- if you are interested in how much God is in my life-

Lift Me Up- A Christian look at Geri Halliwell and Girl Power

100% Unofficial Jesus

Christians unite to free tibet and that tibet comes to the LORD
Christian campign to free tibet

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