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Okay, last but not least, Canada...thank you!! I went to Canada and WOW...the fans are so amazing. I was overwhelmed by their support...thanks Canadians
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Many of these sites are well laid out and function great- but it just lacks that special touch that would make it one of the Super Star Sites!

A Song from the Heart - Formly The Final Heartbreak, this site is very good and I really enjoy it- the menu is excellent.
Frank's Jessica Simpson Website - A very nice layout. Quite a bit of stuff that's cool.
International Jessica Simpson Fanclub- Lots of stuff that no other site has- like a QUIZ!
Jessica Net- nice format- and free e-mail- and lots of stuff!
Jessica Simpson @ The A List - A very well laid out site, with quite a few interesting things!
Jessica Simpson : Heart of Innosense- A very well planned out site with lots of stuff, and very creative!
Jessica Simpson Links Unlimited - One of our associate Sites
Jessica Simpson-Love Forever - another site operated by the web master of Jessica Simpson Links Unlimited
Planet Jessica Online - Very well programmed site. Check this one out.
The J Spot: Jessica Simpson - Great looking Jessica Simpson site with lots of stuff!
The Ulitmate Jessica Simpson Fan Site - It's got lots of content, and a nice Design.

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