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Chapter 11

Faith wakes up that morning, being gently poked by her Mother.

"Daughter, you have to get up. I know there are lots of things that you will have to do in the next while, best to do it as fast as possible."

"You're right mother."

Her mother moves out of her room, and Faith gets up. She gets dressed.

So how's everything today?

I'm doing fine Lore.

That's great. So are we going to Sunnydale today?

You think Buffy will forgive me?

She won't be ready- she's filled with lots of vengeance against you.

I almost don't want to. Is there anything going to happen.

I won't allow her to do anything to harm you.


Faith moves out of the room, and there is Loreminien, he is smiling at her.

"Lets get going?" Loreminien says.

"Yes, you will get us Breakfast right."

"Of course."

"Where are you two going?" Faith's father asked.

"To the last place that Faith was sir, she has to tie up some loose ends." Loreminien asked.

"Okay, where is that- so that we can visit her."

"Sunnydale California dad."

"Sunnydale, I've heard there's lots of strange weird things that go on there, I can't forbid you from going there Faith, since you are an adult, but I would like you not to go there."

"I have to dad- there are people I hurt there, that I have to ask them to forgive me, and I must apologize, and I have to submit to the authorities there."

"As you wish my daughter. Be careful."

"You can be sure that she shall be sir, for the Lord is protecting her."

"Yes, he is. Lord make sure my daughter is not in any danger while she is in that place, in Jesus' name, good luck my daughter."

"Thank you dad."

"When we are in need of you, I'll be in contact."

Loreminien doesn't he know that I am the slayer.

No, he's just like any other person. He may suspect that you are different, since you wiped the floor with him while you all were in the world, but know that you are the Slayer wouldn't come to his mind since he doesn't know what The Slayer is.

Okay, I understand.

Faith and Loreminien left the house and got into the Car.

"Sunnydale in 5 seconds." Loreminien said.

Faith laughed.

Loreminien started the car and drove the car. When they got about one mile out of the city limits Loreminien used his abilities and they were 3 miles outside of Sunnydale driving the Car.

"There are times I wished I never had my abilities, just be a normal human, but then there are times like this I really enjoy them. Shorten a much longer journey to a half hour drive."

"Why are there times you don't want them?" Faith asked, puzzled.

"You can't see the spirit realm, the dimensions beyond the third dimension- I can, and it frightens me sometimes. Do you know as we are here- there is always twenty evil spirits fighting twenty angels all around me- sometimes there are much more."

Faith looked at him, unsure as to what to say.

"Not to mention the spirits all around people, millions coming and going- trying to destroy humanity by tempting them with all sorts of temptations. And then there are the ones who aren't content with tempting humanity, but come in the physical realm to kill them."

"It must be scary."

"Yes it is. But I am sanctified by the Lord, and he has encamped angles around me to fight on my behalf."

They drive through the city limits of Sunnydale.

"Where do you want to go to first?"


"Good choice, she is there right now."

The drive down the streets of Sunnydale to Buffy's home. They get out of the car and start to walk up the walkway to the door. They knock on the door.

Joyce comes up to the door, and has a shocked look on her face. Not a few weeks before Faith tried to kill her, and now she was there with another person.

"Excuse me Mrs. Summers. Faith and I would like to talk to you, Buffy, Xander, and Willow."

"Can you give me a good reason why I should allow that, Sir."

"Yes I can, and that will be explained by her when you are allowed into your home."

"Why are you insistent on being allowed in. It can't be that you're a vampire since it is daylight out?"

Are they here to hurt us?

"Because I am a very polite person. We're not here to hurt you, if you are wondering that."

"I was as a matter of fact. How did you know?"

"I'm a mind reader." Loreminien said with a smile- and laughed.

Joyce laughed as well. "No really- how did you know?"

"I've been around humans long enough to know their reactions."

"Okay, you can come in, but make sure you and Faith are behaved." Joyce says.

"We will behave, Mrs. Summers." Faith says.

They walked in, and another knock on the door is heard.

"Hello again Riley. Come in."Joyce says.

"Thank you Mrs. Summers, just wanted to see Buffy."

Riley walks into the house.

Did you motivate him to come here?

No Faith, but God could have for you to ask for his forgiveness.

Okay, it's just good that he is here for it. I know this is going to be hard, but I can do it through the grace of God, and with you.

Mostly from his grace though.

Faith and Loreminien go into the room. Loreminien see's the spirits around Willow.

Not you, not two of you in the same place. If two come in the same place in his name then his presence shall be there. "That's right." Loreminien said in a whisper.

"Right what?" Faith says out loud.

"Faith, lets call on his name." Loreminien whispered to her.

"Okay- why?" She said equally quietly.

"There are many spirits around Willow- that could hinder this."

Faith and Loreminien sat down and bent their heads down, to humble themselves before the Lord. "Lord there are hindering spirits in this place, take them away from here in the name of Jesus Christ." Loreminien and Faith said in unison.

Instantly the spirits around Willow fled from her. Willow feeling their loss woke up.

"What?" She asked kinda dazed. She felt that there was something up and looked around her surrounding. She saw Loreminien and Faith.

"Xander wake up." Willow said as she pushed him.

"What Anya, not again- you're going to ware me out like this."

"Xander, it's me Willow, not Anya."

"What, Okay, I'm up." Xander says. "What's up?" he said a few moments later.

"Look over there." Willow said pointing at Loreminien and Faith.

Xander looked in shock and a little fear at the two of them.

"Don't worry, we're not going to hurt either of you." Loreminien said.

"You're right, when Buffy gets down here you will not hurt either of us, she'll take care of you."

Loreminien smiled.

"She won't have to do anything. We won't hurt either of you."

Buffy came down the stairs, stamping her feet down hard on each stair.

"Faith, why are you here?" Buffy asked, Riley was by her side.

Faith gets up slowly, moving toward her. She had to do this first.

"Buffy, I. . . ." Faith started to say.

Ask for the Lord's joy, for it is your strength.


Faith gives a silent prayer to the Lord for his joy, and she felt the joy inside her. She could do this now.

"Buffy, I know the things that I did, to you and to all of you are wrong, Can you forgive me for them."

"How dare you asked me that?" Buffy said, as she clenched her fists. "Did you put her up to this. Don't you know she is Evil. She is evil, she hurts, kills, and uses people."

Irritated by what Buffy said in front of him Loreminien looks sternly into Buffy's eyes.

"Before you say that young lady, look at the evil inside of you. All that hate and vengence. Right now, you are no better then what Faith was before."

Buffy exploded. She moved into the kick him. Loreminien knowing exactly what she would do moved into position as she kicked. The kick completely missed him. Loreminien put his hand out.

"Push." He says.

Loreminien without even touching Buffy, forces her to fly backwards. She hits the wall. She quickly gets up.

"Don't move." He says.

Instantly Buffy stops into the spot she just got up in.

"I can't move." She screamed.

"Don't like being out of control, do you." Loreminien said.

"What have you done?" Mrs. Summers asked.

"I told Buffy what to do." Loreminien said.

Riley got in between them.

"Stop what you are doing?"

"She is going to be able to move after I say this to her."

"My lord, Jesus Christ- was nailed to a cross, and was killed. To the people who did that to him, he could have turned them into so much dust in a blink of an eye. But he forgave them. He said- Father- forgive them, for they know not what they do. You have no right to do what you just did. If you forgive her or not- that's up to you, but those who forgive shall be forgiven."

"Move again." Loreminien said.

Buffy moved her leg up, and she could.

I could quickly kick him, oh he shouldn't have done that.

I could have as easily told you not to breathe Buffy, don't try anything.

She stared at him with astonishment.

"What are you?" She said.

"I am more like man then any other human being has ever been since the very first man, and my Lord while he was on the earth, I shall talk to you later." Loreminien said as he and Faith left the building.

"Now to see Angel, right?"

"No, we have to go to the Police, and go through the Trial."

Riley quickly ran out.

"Look, I don't know what happened between you and Buffy, but I forgive you for what you did." Riley said to Faith.

"Thank you." Faith said.

"And sir, I am glad you didn't kill Buffy."

"I wouldn't- and even if I tried, my powers aren't absolute- nothing human is- I wouldn't kill her."


"Buffy is destined to be one of the warriors through the tribulation- she is not to die- and the Lord will reward her because she will not have either the mark of the beast, not will she ever worship him or the devil. She is a warrior for the forces of good- to protect humanity."

"How do you know this?"

"What I said to Buffy- I am more man then any other human before- since the very first man, and the Lord while he was on the earth."

"You seem to know alot about the Lord, I goto church as much as I can, and I don't see anything like you were able to do, I am wondering what church do you goto."

"I goto a United Pentecostal Church, which teaches that the name of the Father is Jesus Christ, the name of the Son is Jesus Christ, and the name of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ. You should go there as well."

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