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Chapter 4

There Faith and Ethan side by side, went towards the main vampire den of the town of Southton. From the information that was given there was about a half dozen or more Vampires there, time to eradicate them.

They enter the entry of the den, and the first Vampire went into attack. It tried to slug Faith, but she blocked, and quickly kicked the Vampire sending it backwards a little bit. It regained it's balance and rushed her. Ethan stepped into the fray, and tripped the vampire, but he lost his balance, not knowing the vampire's strength. He went down, and shouted in pain, saying "my freaking leg."

She quickly took her stake and thrust it in the back of the vampire, and it turned to dust quickly.

"You okay." Faith asked.

"No, but don't worry, it'll be okay soon." Ethan said.

Ethan got up and started to limp on the Leg.

"Lucky, it's not broken. I thought it might have, those things are incredibly strong physically."

"Yeah. You should get out of here."

"No, I want to make sure you're okay."

"You're going to get one of us killed if you stay."

"That's for sure." a Tall standing Vampire said.

Had Faith been in Sunnydale 2 years before she would have know that this was the Master.

"We'll see."

Faith went on the Master with speed and confidence, not knowing that the Master was every way her match, and more. Fast kicks from Faith were quickly blocked, and before Ethan could get in to help her, the rest of the vampires all five of them blocked him, and were ready to attack.

"Lord I hope you know what you're doing, because I'll need your help to fight these things." Ethan said. Nothing happened.

"Lord I need your holy spirit to fight these things, in the name of Jesus Christ." Ethan requested. Nothing happened.

The Master got a hold of Faith, quickly spun her around

"No. . . . ." Ethan shouted. . . . . .

She gets up, that was a strange dream. She shook her head. Give her life to Jesus. She almost felt like laughing, but the dream was so vivid. She opened the train compartment door, because it was slowing down.

She went into town. It was a clear night. The stars danced in the sky with such sparkle and brilliance. The moon was shining in the sky like a big pizza pie, and her thoughts turned to her past. . . . .What past? Who am I? What do I want? Why am I here? She tried to figure out what was happening.

"Hey Faith." someone said and started towards her.

So my name is Faith. That's a start at least. He knows me, but who is he.

"I never thought you'd come back to town, after the death of that guy you were hanging around with. A lot of people still thinks it was you." He said.

Still nothing. Nothing came into her head.

"It's been a while, what's your name."

"Ethan." he said with a strange look.

All of a sudden she remembered something. She remember that Ethan was the one who brought her to Jesus in the dream.

"You're not a Christian are you."

"Me, I'm only a Christian when I go to church, and that's not very often."

"Oh." another memory occurred. . . . .

The Master got a hold of her. He was incredibly strong, she couldn't overpower him. He snapped her neck. . . .

"Wow, your neck just spasm. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I think." She said.

"Well you want to go and get some drinks." He said.


They went into the bar, and she felt comfortable there.

"I'll take a beer, Bloody brew beer. How about you Faith?"

"I'll take one too."

"So what do you do Faith?" Ethan asked.

What do I do? Think, think.

"Don't want to talk about it."


"So what do you do?"

"Well I wanted to be a Writer, but I found out I can't speel or Grammar well."

"Really, that's too bad."

"Lets not talk about it okay, I'm trying to find work too, I'm an unemployed loser."

They started drink, and then they had another, and another, and another, till they went to a hotel room. Faith took over then, just by pure instinct, and they enjoyed each other. They fell asleep.



"You're in trouble. This isn't going the way I planned, be careful."

"What? What's going on?"

"Be careful, just remember that."

Faith got up, thinking about all the strange dreams she's been having. Lets get out of here.

She got out of bed and got into her clothes. She got out of the hotel to take a walk.

"Hello Faith."

"Hi, I can't place your name."

"Because I never gave it to you."


"I'm not from around here, and neither are you."

"Who are you?"

"I don't want to give you my true name here. To dangerous where you are right now. Call me X."

"That's cryptic."

"You're cryptic when you're me."

He placed his had on her head. "Remember." He said.

Instantly a bunch of images came back to her, she saw herself in a small town, meeting someone named Ethan who helped her into the church, got baptized in Jesus name, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then she was killed by a strong vampire.


"That I can tell. I opened that part of your mind up again, you have to remember everything, to get the clues to bring you to the point of getting out of here."

"Where exactly is here?"

"You wouldn't understand Faith. I barely understand it myself, and my mind is thousands of times more powerful then yours."


"I'm not human, and I'm not here either, I'm on the other side waiting for you to be brought out of this. There is only one way to get you out of this, and I thought my original plan would work, but it didn't. There's another plan for you to get out of here. Then again I manipulated you to that as well."



Instantly the Master appeared.

"What, I never thought you'd find her that fast again."

"You creatures are so limited."

"Limit this."

A Flash of light flew past his hands, and flew towards the Master. Then it hit a spot and blue shimmering light absorbed it.

"Leave now, and I won't kill you."

"Get out of here right now, in the name of Jesus."

"As you wish, but I'll be hunting this one."

The Master disappears.


"Okay Lord, not my will, but thy will be done." he said. "I won't be in contact with you till you're out of this. I wish I could monitor but I a higher authority tells me I shouldn't."

"Who is the higher authority?"

"Just call upon the name of Jesus Christ, the name of God."

"Oh. . . . You're one of those Christians too."

"Yeah, cya later."

X disappears.

She started to walk around, this was really strange. Someone named X, a Vampire, the same vampire chasing her, and this Jesus stuff. She shook her head. And she doesn't belong here, where was here. Was this a dream, what was this. Her head started to ache.

Instantly the Master appeared in front of her.

"See you're future Faith."

Instantly the scene disrupted and all around her there was a fiery furnace of Brimstone, Sulphur, and all sorts of volatile chemicals.

"Welcome to Hell. I told you that you couldn't be saved, and I would have you."

"You're the devil."

"Yes, I knew I had to take this form on to get you here. That stupid being thinks he can stop me. HA! I'm stronger then he will ever be. Your soul is mine Faith. There is nothing you can do to stop me!"


She quickly turned around and kicked at him. He moved in and blocked it instantly.

"I can do anything here. You can't stop me!" He laughed.

He flung his hand out and she was flung backwards, hitting a rather hard rock behind her. She was dazed.

"Not you, get out of here." She heard the devil say.

"Take my hand Faith, I can take you out of here."

Faith raised her hand up to the other hand, and instantly she was somewhere else.

"You are safe from him here. He wants you, just as he wants another that you know of. If he has both of you the damage he could do would be great indeed."

Faith instantly knew she was present in front of God. She felt like crying, even more then when she first part of this nightmare.

"You're talking about Angle aren't you."

"Yes, the one who is honestly seeking for his redemption, but he looks towards the wrong ways. My grace is a free gift, if he would only do what I asked of all people, and he would have his redemption- he just doesn't believe he's worth it yet, but he is."

"I'm not worth it either. Why do you want me so much?"

"Because I love you Faith. I died on the Cross for you Faith. But you don't feel like you are worth it, but with the help of my helper on the Earth named Loreminien you'll be lead back to me- when you are ready to do that, when you feel you can't live anymore as you are and that you're worth it to be saved, repent and be baptized in my name- in the name of Jesus Christ."

Instantly she woke up.

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