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Chapter 6

There Faith stood at the door that Ethan was there. She wasn't quite sure why she was there, just a weird feeling in her stomach, but she had to know if there was a real Ethan, and that everything she experienced while she was unconscious was for real, or just something that was a really bad nightmare.

It was around 12 noon- a little early for her. She had spent a couple of weeks patrolling in Southton, at least she knew it was Southton. That much was correct. Maybe she dreamed all of this, and nothing was real. She shook her head, she just couldn't grasp her brain around what was going on right at that moment.

"Well what do I have to lose," she mumbled under her breath.

She knocked on the door.

"Excuse me," a voice that sounded familiar came from behind her.

She jolted with fear, never thinking that he would be out coming home.

"Is that you Ethan?" She asked, as she turned around.

He looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"How do you know my name, have we meet before?" Ethan asked.

Faith stood there. What could she say? I dreamt you. He'd laugh his head off. What could I say, I know Loreminien- I guess that's all I should say. If he's what he claims to be.

"I know Loreminien." Faith said.

"Oh, okay, come right in, and tell me everything."

Faith stood in front of him for a few moments, trying to deal with what was just revealed to her. She shook her head.

"There's something you can't believe. You should come in, and we'll talk about it okay." Ethan said.

"Okay." Faith replied.

Faith walked into Ethan's place. She recognized the place almost immediately. She confidently walked up to his living room, and sat down on the sofa.

"So, you know Loreminien. So where did you two meet."

"Loreminien lead the watchers to me, who tranquilized me, transported me to wherever they transported me, gave me dreams that I can't really explain. Then I woke up, after. . . ."Faith paused trying to understand the last part of the dream. One more powerful then she could ever hope to defeat, who was pure evil- she didn't like that one, and then being saved by someone who she couldn't really describe, but whom she knew was God.

"After what, and what's your name, you have me at a disadvantage." Ethan said.

"My name is Faith, and I'm trying to get this all pieced together. Someone pure evil wanted me destroyed, wanted me to be his. I tried to attack him, but he was too powerful. Just flung his hand out, didn't touch me, and I went flying backwards. I hit the rock behind me so hard, I couldn't really see straight. Then a hand reached forward, saying- take my hand Faith, and I shall save you from him." Faith said.

Ethan looked at her, and shook, feeling a powerful jolt from the Holy Ghost.

"That part was from the Lord, he wants you to come to him. He really loves you, but I feel that you don't want to give your life to him just yet. You're moving towards him, but not ready. That's why Loreminien wants to keep tabs on you, he wants to make sure you get there."

"Loreminien. . . ." She huffed.

"I take it you and him don't really get along right now."

"Shut up about him, I just said I knew him to give you an answer. How old is he anyways?"

"I'm not sure, never asked."

"How did you two meet?"

"I meet him when I first came to the Lord, he was my youth pastor, and when I gave my life to the Lord, I got a word of knowledge about him."

"Religious stuff again. What is up with you people?"

"I'm sorry. So what do you do that merits Lore's attention?"

"Lore's?" Faith asked.

"My nick name for Loreminien."

"Oh, I see, I'm the ‘evil' vampire slayer." Faith said as she quoted evil.

"Vampires, every time I get a little more knowledge about Lore's life, I get a little more whacked out. I'm just glad that I've given my life to the Lord, so what did you do that makes you evil in your eyes."

"I'm not evil. But if you must know I killed a human before, and I turned around and placed a stake into his chest, and the blood covered my hands. And at first I didn't care. I just continued to my way. First I tried to subvert Angle from good to evil. Then I tried to kill him when I couldn't. Then myself and Buffy fought and well I almost died in the fight. I was in a coma for the longest time. When I got out of Coma, I tried to destroy Buffy's life. First I attacked and almost killed her mother. Then I traded places with Buffy. . . ."

"Excuse me, traded places with Buffy?"

"I guess it was witch craft, magic."

"Okay," Ethan said, shacking his head.

"Well, anyways, While I was in Buffy's body, I didn't like what was going on. I felt angry at myself for doing the things I was doing. I really felt bad, when I was with Buffy's Boyfriend, having sex with him, and he said he loved me. I just felt so awful, I couldn't do it with him. I wanted to get away from myself. And when a group of vampires took over a church, I had to go, and despite the fact I wanted to leave the country to go to Mexico, I went there, and fought the vampires. I couldn't take the last vampire though. He was powerful, more powerful then I thought he was. He had a purpose, and he wasn't afraid of me. But then Buffy dusted him, and we fought for a while. I overtook her, because she was in my body. I attacked my body, because I saw all the things that went wrong with my life, and I hated myself at that moment. But then we switched back, and I quickly ran away from her, got into the train with only one desire, to get away from myself forever and ever. That's my life, as haunting as it seems."

"Hmmmm, that sounds like a fascinating life. You have a lot to deal with. I wish I could say something that would bring you to the Lord, he would heal you of all this. But you need to be lead to being feeling worthy of this. If you need to talk, just come on by Faith, and I'll always lend a ear to whatever you have to say. I'll give you my number."

Ethan gets up, and starts to move around the place, trying to get a piece of paper. He finds a clear piece and gets his pen out, and then he writes his number down.

"Here you go." Ethan said.

"Okay, but I don't think I'll be talking to you much."

"Okay, just when you feel like it."

"Okay, I'll be going now."

"That's good, my lunch time is almost over."

She got up from the Sofa, and walked out of the place towards her place. She felt strange. All the things that was happening to her at the moment. Was there a God who wanted her to give her life to him. She shook her head. If there was why me? I'm not worth it, I'm can't change, I can't be what he would want of me. And that Ethan person, and Loreminien- what was about them. I want to know both more. They seem so confident, so together.

She shook her head. What is going on with me. Once upon a time, I was strong, confident. But now I feel like a helpless babe. I hate this feeling. All I need is to slay some Vamps, and everything will be great. She started to go around town, looking for the older, abandoned houses. Vamps almost always stayed in there, or caves.

She overlooked a house, and almost instantly knew there were vampires in the place. She took out her knife that was tucked neatly in her pants. She was going to make some Vamps pay for her new feelings.

She entered the house, and it seemed deserted. She started to walk quietly around, looking from trap doors, and anything that would lead into the ground. She opened a door, and there were stairs that lead downwards into the ground. She walked down the stairs. When she got down an arm quickly grabbed her. She elbowed the owner of the arm as hard as she could. The Vampire flew backwards. She quickly kicked the wooden support for the rail, and quickly grabbed the results. She punched at the Vampire, and it quickly blocked it. It wasn't a weak, un experienced vamp. She went down, and turned her leg in a half circle, but the Vamp jumped upwards. Faith quickly got up, and kicked at the Vampire. She hit it squarely in the chest, and it fell down. She Quickly went down on one knee, and pierced the Vampire in the chest with her wooden stake. It turned to dust.

She had a funny feeling. Usually when there is one vampire, there is more then one. She shook her head. Was there only the one Vampire. She could still feel some sort of danger in here. What was it. Then there was a flash of light. She saw a vortex start to form. She got her stake out, getting ready for whatever was coming out of it. Instantly three of the most horrific looking things she had ever seen came out. They all stood 9 feet tall, and had sharp spines all over their bodies. They had claws that were wickedly curved. They all smiled showing their teeth in sinful glee, ready to tear her to pieces.

She jump at the first one that came out, and kicked at it. She hit it, but the Daemon moved not one inch. It hit her and she was flung backwards, and one of it's spines impaled her. She felt her body stiffen. Was she going to die. Never before had she fought such powerful foes. One was enough to kill her.

Instantly someone appeared. He put forth his hand, and said - "Vaporize."

A beam of light left his hand and hit the first daemon, and it turned into smoke instantly.

The other two daemons looked at him, and went back into the vortex.

Out of the Vortex came a powerful voice.


"We'll see."

Faith could clearly see it was as he went down to one knee. And touched Faith in the wound she had taken. "Be Healed." he uttered.

She felt her body become flexible again, and the wound she took disappeared.

"What are those things?"

"They're one of the most dangerous daemons too come out of Hell. It shows that he's serious about you. He wants you. Their spines have a paralytic poison. It won't kill but you'd be paralyzed for hours, while he tortures you to become his."

"Who's he?"

"I think you know who that is."

"You're not getting Religious again are you."

Faith got up and started to leave.

Lorminien appears in front of her. "Faith, I am sorry, I'm just trying to get you to see the reality of the world you're living in. There is a devil who wants nothing more then to destroy you, and bring you to Hell." "I don't care. I deserve to be there, for all that I did, I don't care. I like living my life the way I do, because I want to end up there." Faith said sternly.

"It is your choice Faith, but I don't want you end up there."

"Shut up!" Faith said.

"I will, but know this, there is at least two people who care about where you go when you die."

"I don't care."

She walked away. She was angry. But those things were powerful. I wonder what Angle is doing? I could always find out- shouldn't take much to find out. All I have to do is go back to Sunnydale, and find out.

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