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Chapter 8

Ethan knocked on Faith's apartment door. Faith got up and answered the door. He was smiling, and had his Bible study guide, so he could give her the second lesson from it.

"Hey there Ethan, nice to see you."

"How's the leg Faith."

"Almost better."

"Glad to hear it, so how's everything?"

"Great, but I kinda miss Loreminien. I wish he was here."

A strange blue light flows past Faith and Ethan.

"Isn't Jonathan great."

"Yeah I've heard of him, He starred in the Matrix. That was a great movie."

Instantly Loreminien appears.

"Oh, hi Loreminien. We're talking about Jonathan. He's so awesome."

"Ethan, you were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ- right." Loreminien asked?

"Yeah, Jesus is the kewlest, but Jonathan is a close second."

"I see, may I speak to both of you right now."

"Sure Loreminien."

"Okay, I want tell you both something. Jonathan isn't what he appears to be. He's altered reality to meet his needs."

"What, you can do that?" Faith said.

"I always thought everything was in God's control." Ethan said.

"Yes it is possible to alter reality. Since the Fallen angles put the creation into bondage and chaos, it is possible. God doesn't like people doing that, but it should fix itself soon. But I figured I should give a bible lesson on this."

"What could we possibly learn from some trying to make the world in his image." Faith asked.

"You see people in the world, they desperately want to be ‘Someone'- where people admire them, and they want the praise of men and women. They think it will somehow fulfill their needs, That is what Jonathan is doing. He hopes to make everybody like him by changing the world so that they all think he is very, very important. It's sad. You see everybody is important. But few people see that importance."

"And what is the importance of man?" Faith asked.

"That's easy, We are here to love God, love the Earth and the life there of, and to love one another. Jesus said while he was alive that the 2 commandments that were the most important were- to Love god with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul, and all your spirit, and to love one another as you love yourself. That is what makes man important. Our ability to love god and love each other- and with love comes choice- we are free to choose to love one another and to love God, and we are free to choose to hate one another and to hate God."

"Huh, but doesn't that come with being human- making choices." Faith said.

"And why do you take that so much for granted. I thank God every single day for my ability to make decisions. It is the most powerful thing a human has. With all my abilities, the one thing I appreciate the most is my ability to choose to live for God."

"You mean it's just about making decisions. And that decisions and choices are more powerful then my strengths."

"We're getting through. God blesses those people who make a decision to acknowledge their sins, and to live for him even though they are in Sin. He will bring you out of that Pit which you have dug yourself Faith, and in his eyes you will be redeemed."

"Only in his eyes?" Faith asked.

"Unfortunately- that is how things work Faith. God forgives abundantly but People don't. But you don't have to worry about that right now."

"Why not?"

"Because you still haven't accepted the Lord's love and forgiveness. You can start right here Faith. You can give your life to him right now, and God will live in you for the rest of your life."

"You mean God lives in our bodies."

"As Paul said- It is not I that live, but Christ that live in me." Ethan said.

"I'm just not ready- can you give me a little time." Faith said.

"Take all the time you need." Loreminien said, "Lets take a walk Ethan."

"Sure Loreminien."

They walked out of the place.

"I've created a energy field around us, nobody will know what we are talking about."

"That way we can talk candidly, so what do you think will happen?" Ethan asked.

"I could almost sense that the Lord is working in her right now. She's almost there. She only need to cry out to him now- and she knows that he is willing to take her out of the sin she is in right now. She's been repentant of her life for quiet a while now- ever since she switched places with Buffy."

"What about this Jonathan thing? What will happen to him?"

"Nothing really. He's trying too hard to change his life- I should pay him a visit."


"When the Lord tells me too, of course. I am glad Adam won't destroy him."


"A Golem, a mismatched parts of human, daemon. He wants the chaos that will ensue afterwards. He is the second most aware being in this world."

"What created such a abomination?"

"Humans believe it or not. They wanted to make the ultimate Daemon killer. What they ended up making is the ultimate killer.

"Why would they want to do that?"

"Fear. Most people don't know the Lord. You could fight against most of the daemons that they are afraid of, when you have the spirit. And they don't know about me either. If they knew those two facts, they would have never have made that. I can't use most of my abilities against that thing, but I can still use my abilities to play ‘Jedi' - and take it out with my swords."

"I like that- Play Jedi. You make me laugh. Star War jokes are kewl. So are you going to ‘Play Jedi' with Adam soon?"

"No, I truly believe that Buffy and her friends will be able to defeat that one."

"Why do you believe that?"

"Because God hasn't told me to go and handle it yet. Remember God only tells me to defeat these threats if there isn't a person who can stop it. But it will take all of Buffy's and her friends skills to defeat it."

"Who exactly is Buffy?"

"The other slayer. It's amazing that there are two Vampire Slayers here on the Earth at the same time. It's definitely because the forces of the enemy are getting ready for the Apocalypse. So God is setting up Warriors to help against those forces- remember not all Human beings will end up being judged. He needs powerful warriors to make sure those who aren't raptured will stay alive against those forces."

"How soon?"

"I don't know. You'd think a human who uses 92+% of their brain would know- but I don't only God knows when the rapture happens. But I know it's soon. I can feel the evil spirits in the world plotting. Many of them want me out of the way- and one way or another it will happen- either they will kill me, or I'll be raptured- and then their evil will descend on the people of this world- and either way I'll be better off- I'll be with the Lord."

"What's going to happen to Faith?"

"I don't think I want to tell you, lets get back, I know something is really happening now."

They walked back into house, seeing Faith on her knees crying and sobbing uncontrollably.

"She's allowed him in, outrageous. This is truly a great day." Loreminien said.

"Faith, there is one thing you need to do." Ethan said.

"Yes." Faith replied.

"You need to be baptized in Jesus Christ name."

"I can get it done right now. Where would you like to be baptized Faith, Somewhere warm, like Hawaii, or somewhere cold like Alaska?" Loreminien asked.

"I don't think I want to do that right now. Can you give me a few days to think about going all the way. As soon as I call for you, we'll do it." Faith said.

"Okay Faith, but it is good to see you repenting of the life you have lived." Loreminien said.

"What will happen afterwards?" Faith asked.

"I'll be your pastor and your watcher." Loreminien said.

"You're a Pastor?" Ethan asked.

"Yeah, I do it every life I live."

"Why do you start your life over all the time, Isn't that lying?"

"I guess it is, but how do you explain to even men and women of God, that God decided that you were Immortal, using most of your brain power, with abilities that human beings had when sin wasn't in the world. They'd not like it one bit."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Ethan said.

"I can totally relate. I don't tell people I'm the slayer. I could hurt people in ways they wouldn't possibly relate too." Faith said.

"Yeah I know, fare well for now Faith, I'll be seeing you soon." Loreminien said.

With that Ethan and Loreminien left the apartment.

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