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Chapter 2

She was running, running as fast as she could, but from what she could not say. She felt something chasing her, something she couldn't fight, something too powerful.

"I have to get away." She chanted, with a rhythmic intensity of a witches chant.

She was becoming desperate, she couldn't run anymore. She got out her stake, to try to slay what was coming after her, but she knew she couldn't win. The fear took over, she ran for her life, and turned the corner. Her stake went through another man's heart. She looked into his eyes. It was the same man she murdered, it was Mayor Wilkins aide.

She turned around to run more, and she could hear something in the background- "You'll never run away from me Missy, I have you!" it said!

"Come out and fight, let one of us die right now and be end of this!"

"HA! You are already dead, I need not do a thing!" it said mocking!

"Fuck OFF! I still breathe ASSHOLE! I am not dead!"

"But you will be soon, it doesn't matter, you're mine forever. Just keep on doing what you have always done, and you're mine!"

She thought- what does he mean- I'm his no matter I do.

"That's it ASSHOLE- I'm going to find you and kill you!"

"Ha, I am eternal nothing shall ever destroy me! Your feeble powers are nothing compared to me, for I am the enemy of humanity- See yourself for what you are Faith!"

"How do you know my name?"

There came not an answer this time, but she saw herself torturing Angle, trying to convert him to evil- tempting him with her body. Tears ran down her face as she watched herself doing what she had always done. Can I change? Will I ever be redeemed, she thought. Is Ethan right- all I have to do is say I'll never do this again, make an effort not to, and be baptized in Jesus name, and she will be?

"You can't be saved, I know your thoughts, God will never forgive you for this!" The voice said.

Then she saw herself shoot Angle with a dart- knowing it would kill him. She shook her head again. She knew why she was doing it, for the closet thing she ever had to a Father- Mayor Wilkins! She knew she had done wrong, but anything to please him, would mean he would take care of her. She was the only human being that ever got close to the mayor. And the mayor was the only person who ever got close to her. She would have done anything for him, had he asked her.

"Yes, you would have done anything, including this!"

She saw herself and the mayor being intimate with each other. She cried, yes I would have, I loved him, somehow I know I did. Underneath her hard exterior she knew she loved him.

"Yes you'd love him straight to HELL! I'll be meeting you soon!" The voice said.

"No, I can be redeemed!" She screamed!

"Not one like you honey. Just accept it! We can do the same things there too. Oh I don't care about you like he did, but I like have sex with sluts like you!"

"Fuck off!" she screamed!

"It hurts doesn't it. Knowing who you are hurts you! You are absolutely worthless. You're not even a Two-bit whore- they cost a quarter!"

She woke up in a cold sweet.

"Got to do something. What was that all about?"

She got up and got some clothes on.

"A little patrolling with help, that's all I need."

"I knew it, I felt something was happening. Faith what are you doing?"

"I need to get out for a walk."

"Mind if I come with you."

"When I got out for walks, they tend to get dangerous."

"God will protect me, I'm not worried."

"Okay." She said shaking her head.

They quickly got out and started to walk around.

"Where's downtown?" She said.


"Vamps usually hang around bars."

"Vamps- Vampires right."


"So what happened. Did you have any dreams that you can't understand."

"I had a dream where I saw some of the things that I have done in the past. Something kept on telling me I couldn't be redeemed. And that I was already dead- no matter what I did it would have me."

"And you felt after that you needed to get away. Hmmm. It's probably the enemy. They don't want you anywhere near me."

"The enemy?"

"The devil to be blunt. He doesn't want anybody saved- and let me tell you right now- he's a liar, nothing he says to you is the truth. You can be saved Faith, I know it, because I wouldn't be looking out for you if I didn't believe that."

"Thanks, you're the first person who actually cares about me since Mayor Wilkins died."

"Who's he, your dad."

"I don't know what he was to me. He wanted to take over the world, was going to make himself into a daemon. He loved me, took care of me, I would have done anything for him. But he died, and I was in a coma while it happened. B was always the one who had the plan, and always succeeded at what she did."


"Buffy, the other slayer."

"How many slayers are there?'

"Just me and Buffy. I wouldn't be here though, it's only because Buffy died against the master, and was brought back. There was only one slayer for the longest time."

"Oh, okay, are you jealous of this Buffy person."

"B, I don't know. She had it all- she was good at school, she was good at slaying, she had someone who loved her greatly, Angle."

"Angle? Is he like a real one?"

"No, a Vampire with a human soul."

"Oh, this is getting stranger by the second."

"Yeah I know, welcome to my world- quiet."

She sees five vampires moving a group of young women to the side alley. Then they hear a scream.

"Let me handle this." Ethan said.

Ethan starts to quicken his pace and gets to them.

"Don' . . . ." Faith starts to say.

"Excuse me, why are you hurting them"

They turn their faces to him, and their faces turn into the demonic visage of the vampire. They grab Ethan and throw him against the wall, knocking him senseless.

Faith runs into the fray. They try to take her out, but Faith quickly kicks the lead Vampire knocking him backwards. He falls down. Another Vampire grabs Faith from behind, while another tries to punch her. Faith quickly stamps her foot on the one grabbing her, It releases her, and she ducks down, the punch of the other Vampire hits the other in the face. Then Faith sweeps the leg of the Vampire in front of her, and it's knocked down. She thinks, damn, I don't have a stake, where's some wood.

Ethan gets up, and there stands in front of him is a Vampire, ready to attack him. Inside Ethan the Spirit of God stirred, and grew in power. He knew just one word of Faith would destroy the thing.

"Be ye consumed by fire from Heaven!"

The vampire turned to dust instantly. Ethan looked in shock. Something in him was skeptical, but how do you explain this? There must be real vampires. My world will never be the same again he thought.

Faith kept on fighting the other four vampires, kicking, punching, and using her Slayer abilities to keep the Vampires at bay. She gets to a small wooden crate, and breaks a part off. Now she has a weapon against them.

Ethan gets up to one of the trailing Vampires, and touches it on the Back.

"Daemon, leave this body in the name of Jesus Christ!"

The Vampire turned to dust.

The other Vampires looked at him, not know exactly how he did that. Fearful were they for this one's power was used through words.

Faith instantly took the advantage, and pierced the heart of one of the Vampires with her stake. It turned to dust.

The other two looked in shock and horror, and ran as fast as you could away from them. Two of the young women laid with bloodied necks on the ground. While the other three were shaking with fear.

"We have to make sure they are okay."

Ethan went up to them, they had a pulse.

"Call 911, we have to get them to a hospital."


Faith runs around the corner to the Bar, while Ethan stays there. He tears his shirt to make a bandage. He ties it around the necks of both the young women to make sure they didn't die.

"Lord, these young women are at the brink of death. Please take an undertaking of healing their bodies so that they will know you and give their lives to you, and to be a witness of your power Lord."

Ethan laid his hands on their necks, so that they will be healed quickly.

The other three girls looked at him.

"Who are you, why can you do these things?" they asked.

"I'm Ethan, and I am nobody special really, just someone who decided I couldn't live without God in my life."

"And that's how you beat them, because God is in your life."

"Yes, God is in my life."

"How can we get god into our life, so we can do these things?"

"First seek not the things you saw me do, seek first the Kingdom of heaven. To enter in the Kingdom of heaven you must be born again of the water and of the spirit. And how do you do that- repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

"Really. Where do we go to get baptized in Jesus name."

"You can go to the First Pentecostal Church of Southton. Then you will be saved. Just don't talk about the vampires, I didn't believe in them till I saw them."

Faith enters the Bar, seeing the people partying. She use to be one of them, but not today. She had to get a Ambulance to save those two girls.

"Excuse me, where's the Phone, I need to get an Ambulance!" Faith asked the Bartender.

"In the back." She said.

She called 911, and the operator answered.

"I need an Ambulance to come to. . . ." She turns to someone, "What's the Bar name?"

"Blood Brewery baby."

"The Blood Brewery, there is two girls with server neck trauma."

"Okay. We'll be right there in 5 minutes."

"Thank you."

Faith left the bar, and turned the corner, seeing Ethan praying over the two girls, and the three girls around him. They came up to her.

"You're very good fighter, to be able to fight those things, thank you."

"Yeah, okay." She said.

"When's the Ambulance coming?"

"It should be in 5 minutes."

"Good, they're getting better."

"Is that a fact?" Faith asked as much as stated.

"Yes, faith is the belief in things unseen as if they already exist!"

"Really, all this bible stuff, are you always like that."

"Yeah, kinda, I want to know what God thinks of things, and do that myself."

The Ambulance came into the Ally. The Attendants got out and put the two girls into stretchers.

"Thank you for helping us, we'll be coming to your church soon."

"Kewl, can't wait to see you there."

"That was amazing what you did. When you said God takes care of you I thought, this Guy is way too much. Vampires are dangerous. But you destroyed two with just your words. Can you always do that."

"No, I was moved in the Spirit to utter words of Faith. Doesn't work all the time, only when the spirit moves me."

"Oh, I see."

"You'll understand better when you've given yourself to the Lord, Repent, been baptized, and received the gift of the Holy Ghost."

"Yeah, I believe it. Can I learn more about this before I do that."

"Sure, I can teach you a Bible Study."

"Okay, lets get that done then."

They start to walk to Ethan's home.

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